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What shoe size should you choose?


What shoe size should you choose?

Have you ever chosen the wrong size shoe? Are You afraid to buy shoes using the internet without trying them on? Well, especially for you we have made a guide which shows how to choose the right shoe size size without having specialistic devices to measure the foot. You will only need a blank piece of paper, a pen, a tape measure and a second person to help you.

How to measure the foot?

To start measuring your foot to choose a size we must put the paper along the wall. Secondly, we stand on the paper and push the heel to the wall. The person who is helping you will outline the shape of your foot on the paper exactly like the picture.

On the outline we will draw a line between the beginning of the heel to the end of the longest toe, concordantly to the picture. This line is the length of the foot. 

Next step is to measure the fitting. We make it in two places - in the hallux bone and in the instep - in the highest place of the foot. The pictures below will show you how to make both of them measurements.

All three measurements made due to our guides allows us to choose the right shoe from all of our brands that we offer.

Choosing the right shoe size

Results of your measurements can be compared with our table below, it shows the overall sizes for our brands. The choice of the correct shoe size depends on the shape of the heel and structure of foot. To make sure we advise you to phone or email our employers and we will help you choose considering  our brands and the shape of the shoes.

tel.:+48 58 352 49 76

email: sklep@klasycznebuty.pl


Rozmiar angielski Rozmiar europejski Dł. stopy Tęgość w cm(F) Tęgość w cm (G)
6.5 40 do 26.3 23.25 23.85
7 41 do 26.7 23.50 24.10
7.5 41.5 do 27.1 23.75 24.35
8 42 do 27.5 24 24.60
8.5 42.5 do 28 24.25 24.85
9 43 do 28.5 24.50 25.10
9.5 44 do 29 24.75 25.35
10 44.5 do 29.5 25 25.60
10.5 45 do 30 25.25 25.85
11 46 do 30.5 25.50 26.10
11.5 47 do 31 25.75 26.35
12 47,5 do 30.6 26 26.60


English Sizes/ Fitting


How to read the fitting guide?

The fitting guide has letters D,E,F,G,H.

 The First three letters mean a slim foot a slim foots (for example D, E and F) and G and H means a wide foot. In the English size table we have two sizes (F standard) and G (wide)

We should also remember that with bigger sizes, wide is also growing for example shoe size 9F is one step bigger and wider than 8F. On the other hand 8G is one step wider than 8F. To understand more clearly 8G is a similar  width as 9F.

Differences in the width of boots is about ¼ inch (0,65 cm). To choose the right  you should measure the ambit of the foot in widest place near the hallux bone.

Pairing shoes after buying

To check if your shoes are properly fitted, please try on shoes, remembering to use a shoehorn. First, move your foot optimally (so that there is still some comfort to the front of the shoe) forward and check if the toe or half of the toe will fit at the back of the heel. Such space at the heel indicates an incorrectly selected size, which means that the shoe is too big. If the shoes do not squeeze the front of the toes, it means that the shoes are correctly selected in length. However, if you experience discomfort, it means that the size you selected is too small. You should also pay attention to how the skin is arranged on the metatarsus. Is there a slight tension or is there an excess of skin? In the case of excess skin, the shoe is incorrectly fitted. The break in time for shoes is about 1 month. In some cases, even up to 3 months, it depends on the intensity of walking.
What if there is a slight pressure in the midfoot or at the heel? This means that the shoes have to settle down. Natural leather in new shoes are quite stiff, so you have to reckon with the fact that after a few weeks it will become soft and comfortable. The skin forms under the influence of heat and moisture of the feet.

How to align the shoes at your home?

How are the shoes arranged? We recommend, first of all, walking, or, if possible, sitting in the shoes up to 2-4 hours a day. If after a week you still feel any inconvenience, we recommend 'home way' to accelerate the adjustment of the footwear to the feet - we put the correct shoe in a terry sock (or wrap it with a cotton cloth), and then in the sensitive area (midfoot, instep), gently moisten the sock ( or cloth) with water. Then leave it all night. The next day, remove it and put on your shoes for a minimum of an hour. It is worth applying thicker e.g. terry socks to your feet beforehand. Repeat the cycle several times. If the result is not satisfactory, you will need to put your shoes on a special machine at our service or a shoemaker's workshop.

How to order shoes without any mistakes

Order your dream shoes and calmly try them on at home - preferably on a soft surface so as not to scratch the soles. If they do not match - contact us and we will try to suggest a different size, or we will refund the money spent. Measure the length and circumference of the foot at the widest point and we will suggest the right size. Changing shoes is free with prior contact.


If you have any questions please contact us directly.

tel.:+48 58 352 49 76

email: sklep@klasycznebuty.pl




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